Momen no Handkerchief

Pretty much ALL J-Pop songs go in and out my brain with mostly the melody to sustain it.  The more engaging the hook, the better it’ll stick.

Because of this I always considered Momen no Handkerchief the best J-Pop (or Kayoukyoku) song of my 1970s youth.  Couldn’t think of anything more unique.

I also assumed the lyrics focused on girly platitudes or something. Well a great website called Natsumelo just blew my assumptions to kingdom come.

Check out the lyric page along with an TV performance (with a few of the middle verses truncated):

Is there a more heartbreaking narrative in such a poppy song?  I can’t think of one at the moment, being as it’s becoming rather dusty in the room right now…


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愛の戦士 Karaoke is my life.
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