Why I LOVE Twitter…

Yeah it’s silly and all but I absolutely LOVE how Twitter can connect you directly with the famous and the used-to-be famous.

Like Matsuno Arimi.

She is/was my fave member of the late, great idol group ribbon* (1989-1994).  Arimi discovered Twitter several months ago and uses it to really good effect in conjunction with her blog.  One of her recurring topics is her English Language class so I never hesitate to reply to her Tweets in simple English.

Once in a blue moon, she actually replies:


Yes, I have marked this as a Favorite Tweet.  And I hope she has a really good time out this weekend.


Yeah it’s lazy and irresponsible to always link to my friend’s remembrance of ribbon.  But it’s so readable and accurate (pinning down exactly when I became hooked) that I’m more willing to share his perspective rather than create one of my own.  Maybe one day…

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