Ten years burning down the road…

I always LOVE using that line from Wassisface.  And yet today it has relevance.


Aichan is “graduating” from Momusu AND Hello! Project.  Love that term: again seems to me that she was pushed in that direction.

Per Tsunku: “Around the time of 6th generation member Kamei Eri’s request to graduate to focus on the treatment of her physical condition, I gave Takahashi Ai the advice, “It would be good to think in advance about the timing of your graduation and your future plans.”

Yeah we just enrolled four n00bs so we need a little MORE instability ’round here!  Life in Musume and Company.

Jeez, I remember August 2001 so vividly: a busted land line and the old desktop with the “spacious 6.4GB hard drive.”

The funeral march begins now and ends in the Fall.  See you there!

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