The new Red Scare in MLB

Baseball HOF voting (the BBWAA Hall, anyway) ends this week.  And now we’ve gone from “Morris over Blyleven” to “Stop Bagwell The ‘Roider!”

Really: Jeff Bagwell.  It’s scary, really.  And my man Craig Calcaterra nails it: it’s McCarthyism.  A chickenshit movement that is intellectually dishonest and morally bankrupt.  

Worst of all, I get the impression that this will make casual fans of baseball love the game LESS, not more.  These BBWAA morons think they’re doing something righteous and CORRECT.  They’re doing neither.  They’re waiting to vote in Batman and Superman in their fantasy world.


. . .  but there is good in this world.  Keep Hope Alive!

Joe Posnanski, for one.  Follow MLB online?  Yep, you’ve heard of him.  He’s been posting thousands of words on the HOF subject all week.  His series of articles culminates in his ballot of eight (yep, he’s a voting Member).

He speaks for the rest of us.  For myself.  Joe P. is ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS.  And makes me happy that his talents and brain power are being used in the service of making at least one reader smarter about BASEBALL.


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