Restaurants to find, food to eat!

Finally got the itinerary nailed down for the Great Japan Trip of 2010: Daisetsuzan — Sapporo — Hakodate — Tokyo — Kyoto.  It took a while and a good amount of uncertainty but we are ON for departure next week.

That’s my “cultural experience” these days when I go to Japan: I’ve secured pretty much every rare J-pop CD I’ll ever need.  Now all that’s left is food.

What I REALLY want to try is:

1) Awabi Odoriyaki, and 2) fugu.

It also helps to have jealous coworkers who would also like to go to Japan eat enough food to feed a starving third-world country. One gave me this great website that lists a bunch of restaurants listed by region, cuisine type and price.  If anyone knows a good place in Sapporo, Hakodate, Tokyo or Kyoto then please let me know. 

And I want something really unique and esoteric.  I went to Yohei Sushi last night in Kalihi.  Good stuff: here’s a picture of my sashimi-tempura teishoku:


Good, yeah?  Also very common.  Gotta take more “chances” this time out.

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