Lineup for J-pop concert

I was told of a New Years concert at the Hilton featuring some fifty-ish J-pop stars.  I imagined a Ringo Starr setup starring some of my fave J-pop idols from the 1970s.  Heck the Four Leaves are all in their mid-to-late fifties and were still a draw.

Well, I just got the announcement:

Hilton Hawaiian Village proudly presents R50!!

Oohashi Sumiko
Matsuzaki Shigeru
Suzuki Kiyomi
Masaki Ueda

Well so much for any anticipation I might’ve had going forward.  I think I recognize Matsuzaki’s name from all those “Ii Tabi Yume Kibun” episodes.  Maybe.  I assure you I have zero (0) of their songs, on CD or download. 

Well I’m sure they meant something to someone, in a galaxy far, far away.  But not me.

And I’m certain the Hilton is still very, very proud.

October UPDATE: The concert was cancelled due to… well, whaddya expect?  No matter: I expect the next big Seventies revival sooner than later.
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