There are always… possibilities

Yes, Mr. Spock: wise words to live by.

And what to make of this new rental on the intarwebs?  Poking around and seeing old Vox comrades scattered all over: Blogger, Typepad, WordPress, Ameba…  Kind of difficult to keep track.

There was a great baseball site called Baseball Toaster that featured an all-star roster of the best bloggers on MLB anywhere.  One click would get you perspectives from coast to coast, American and National Leagues.  Eventually the band split up and there are a couple people whose musings I lost track of simply because I never bookmarked the new URL.  Blogs, Twitter, Facebook… The overflow of content can sure overwhelm at times.

And here I am.  I am grateful that this site handles media easily.  I am also surprised that I have my own RSS feed, too.  Heck I can start my own podcast and submit it to iTunes, if I so wanted. 

Well, again no promises but I will try once again to get the brain worked up and send the output here, if only because it’s good mental exercise.  I can also share goofy stuff like this:

This is my favorite Hongo henshin sequence if only for the wild arm gyrating.


 # # #

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