Another year, another "graduation"

So THIS time it’s our beloved Kyamei and the two panda girls:


Boy, busting up Gen 6…   I hope this IS for all the best.  I never did get attached to Linlin/Junjun so my heart’s not exactly broken up there.  The two of them will have quite a resume upon returning home.

I’ve been yapping on about this on message boards and my regular chat room: I’m neither shocked, surprised or even saddened by this latest turn.  This is the DEFINING characteristic of H!P fandom.  I detached myself from the whole Musume thang because of it.  And no new batch of girls (Gen NINE?!  Get ready!) will ever replace a decade-plus (!) of losses. (I think I had my fill when Ichii “Kaasan” Sayaka bolted the looney bin.)

I’ll miss Eri-chan, who hammed it up brilliantly on many a “Hello Morning” episode.  And only in H!P can you see someone grow up from a shy, mumbling girl to the legend that became Thunderthighs!  Hope she stays in geinoukai in some capacity.

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