Villon’s Wife (2009)


Villon’s Wife (?????????????????? ?????????????????????, 2009)
Matsu Takako, Asano Tadanobu
Dir. Negishi Takahide

Saw Villon’s Wife last night at the Hawaii International Film Festival on Sunday night.

Passable narrative although star power being what it is these days makes it difficult for me to believe that these people exist in postwar Japan.  I mean, NO one in Japan looked like Matsu Takako or Tsumabuki Satoshi in 1946.  I also felt the same way about Alan Alda in “M*A*S*H” but I always thought that was just a TV thang.  I guess Fuji-TV had no barbers available.


Actually…  Hirosue DID look like the late forties with that hair!  And a great makeup job, props for that..

Still I enjoy the slice-of-life stories of Japan, ala ALWAYS (Tsutsumi Shinichi looked more in place in the early sixties).  Matsu Takako remains an engaging screen presence just pouring a drink and cracking a smile.  Also funny to hear the less-than-inflated prices of bar tabs in those days (Y120!) expressed in such an overt fashion.  Yeah, I get it. 

I still say Tsumabuki should have had a buzz cut as a factory worker…

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