Sabermetrics 101: Twenty years late

I never thought there would be a day when Bill Simmons would embrace baseball again,  He was a total lackey for the NBA and NFL, dissing MLB as a game fading in popularity and maybe relevance.  You can imagine my outrage — I bought his goddamn compilation book of Red Sox columns.

I was also offended by his lack of regard towards progressive analysis in baseball.  He’d say “stathead” in a derisive way not unlike “Trekkie.”  I also believe he overemphasizes the impact of steroids in baseball, to the extent of lessening his enjoyment of his beloved Red Sox’ championships in 2004 and 2007.  I pity the foo’.

Anyway he just posted a column that made my Twitter feed absolutely chirp this morning: The Sports Guy is embracing sabermetrics!  Whahhh?  Are you kidding me?!  You mean MLB has relevance again?  He’ll watch a postseason game without a Boston-based context like the other major sports?  Can we finally do away with this soccer nonsense?!

Of course approaching the analytical side doesn’t really mean he loves baseball again.  Rather, he’s now opening up a few more doors of perspective.  At least now we won’t have to deal with Murray Chass, Jr. on ESPN (that’s what is for, badda-bing).

Now, let’s work on the “steroids ruined baseball” thang…

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