2009 Japan-Korea WBC Final, revisited


Interesting piece in the NY Times about last year’s Japan-Korea championship game and the decision whether or not to give Ichiro a IBB in the top of the 10th.

First, I have GOT to find this TV special.

Second, Kim In-sik has got to be the dumbest manager in the history of baseball.  If you want the batter put on base, you call time out, flash four fingers to the catcher and that’s that.  Throwing the battery under the bus was cowardly and classless.

That said, the pitching coach probably made the RIGHT decision to ignore the “signal” and pitch to Ichiro, foolish pride or otherwise.  The IBB is a POOR percentage play and Ichiro doesn’t have magical “clutch” powers, nor does he have a ridiculous OBP.  Trying to get the third out of the inning was the correct call; it just didn’t work out.

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