Philosophy in Kikaida… NOT!

I was Googling around the web, looking for Kikaida stuffs when I came across this extended entry (written in Japanese, for Japanese people, in Japan) centered around the Violet Top Shell (or Violet Turbo, for you revisionists) episode — the first in the “Green Sponge” trilogy.

Plenty Nihongo there, too much for someone like myself whose literacy is centered around being able to read J-pop song lyrics for karaoke (I don’t expect to see the kanji for “conscience circuit” in any song I know).  But what little I can gleem points to some interesting nerdy topics, such as:

1) The whole ideal of the “conscience circuit” as it relates to the TV series in context: it’s placement in the plot and comparing it to the manga storyline.

2) That’s it!

Well, there’s probably more than that but I didn’t want to decipher any more haphazard online translators that spit out strange Chinese names.  There’s a masters thesis someplace in this topic, especially mapping out Jiro’s resistance to having his conscience circuit fully completed.  It’s a totally stubborn and self-centered decision by Jiro — proof that he’s more human than he’s willing to give himself credit for.

Violet Sazae 1-1

Also human is that he reached out to help out a pretty woman.  Duhh!  “You robots are just programmed to follow the orders of a bad man,” Jiro says.  “You aren’t to blame…”  Yeah, suuure!  You think he’d stop to help out Pink Tiger?  Did he give Papa Black Needle Mole a chance at redemption?  No Effin’ Way!

Violet Sazae 1-2

A gal I met during the “Generation Kikaida” days insisted that Jiro had feelings for Mitsuko.  Couldn’t agree, because he WOULD HAVE done something if that were the case.  Hell, if only Jiro copped a peek at Silver Cat like Hanpei did…

Silver Cat 1-1

The conclusion of this episode: looks count.

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