I confess that I blocked someone on my MSN chat a few days ago because he will want to talk to me about the death of Goto Maki’s mother since he was a frequent patron of the family izakaya*.  And I just DON’T want to hear about what he has to say: his grief, his memories, and so forth.  

* He always stressed to me how loyal customers kept the location of the Goto izakaya –named after a waterfall or something — a secret; however some not-so-creative searches in Google Japan brought up actual walking directions from the train station.  His reaction was one of genuine surprise and abject horror.

Even worse I am certain that he has no friends in Tokyo to share his sorrow with.  Not even a blog or Twitter or anything.  It’s just ME on the MSN chat every couple months or so for the one-way rant.

Sorry, not this time.

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