What’s an iPhone for, anyway?

So my mom bit the bullet a couple days ago and got an iPhone so she can “browse the net” whenever and wherever she wanted.  And the comfort of knowing that you have the number one gadget/toy in the family.  That’s what I thought her motivation was.

We had some issues with the iPhone getting connected to her e-mail account, despite inputting the very same settings that worked flawlessly on her Touch.  So off to the nearby Apple store we went last night.

I accompanied Mom to the store because she’s not always able to articulate techy issues in sentences easy to understand for these “techs” making something close to the minimum.  We wait the requisite hour for the next available clerk…

Finally, our appointment time arrived.  I begin pointing out to the Apple gal the issues with e-mail connectivitiy, how the POP and STMP settings are identical in both, and they shouldn’t be in conflict since yadda-yadda…

My mom then interjected another problem with the iPhone: it couldn’t connect to the internet.  Huh?  I was running with my script lines flawlessly and already I got rewrites?  Apparently so, and this was more important than checking e-mail on the phone.

So they go to a sample website, which turns out to be one of a half-dozen streaming video sites that show Korean TV dramas; one of a thousand, for all I know.  And all of them use Flash.  So the Apple gal (who also happened to be a fellow K-drama devotee; maybe they should have had coffee together after her shift was over) pointed out that all these sites can’t be accessed on the Safari browser.  Game over, kaput.

So I thought, OK back to the more important issue of getting that e-mail connection solved.  But Mom had an epiphany: if I can’t watch K-Stuff on an iPhone, then what’s the point of having an iPhone AT ALL?  

“If that’s the case, ” she told the Apple gal “then I’d like to return this.”

My brow tightened up.  THIS was the goddamn deal-breaker?  Hangook-To-Go?  What about the dozens of other kewl features that made the iPhone worth having simply as a paperweight?  There ARE other websites that are on the intarwebs, not just places with streaming video.  Particularly those with video you can get EVERYWHERE ELSE: downloads, regular TV, etc.

I had a fit in front of my brother, my older sister and her husband, that I wasn’t fully briefed about the conditions of iPhone ownership and that we NEVER solved the issue of the e-mail connections.  Add to that I inputted her new cell number in EVERYTHING I use: online address books, my own cell: everywhere I turn, the new number is there.

Fortunately she didn’t have the original box and all the paperwork with her to make a proper return so she said she’d sleep on it.  Maybe she’d change her mind.  And then we’ll have to go back to the Apple store and discuss the e-mail problem connection issues.  Again.

In other news, I just noticed that MY cell has date issues with call info, both incoming and outgoing: Year 00.  Yep, the Y2K scare finally justified, twas just delayed.

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