ribbon in 2010!

Everything my friend said here is TRUE.


Zdorama was DEAD on: ribbon was great!  I can’t imagine having the courage to go forward and learn more about a group whose first two songs turned me off.  But he pushed me and damn, it stuck!

That was a long time ago, when I made MINIDISC mixes of ribbon songs.  And concert recordings from the original LASERDISC source.  You laugh but it was the easiest way to get pure digital-to-digital copies.

There have been a couple compilation releases in the last decade (jeez, is it really over?) but nothing in the form of a real all-out anniversary remastering project.  On top of that, the video releases remain DVD-less.  Unlike CoCo, their Otomejuku siblings, ribbon has gotten the shaft.  A video box set was projected for a late fall release and then was mysteriously pulled, never to be seen again.

Well I believe this is about to change.

I’m going to be saving up money, putting a few dollars on the side for my “ribbon fund.”  I believe that ribbon will get that DVD set in 2010 and I fear it may cost more than the CoCo box ($350 and change via Amazon Japan).  Take no chances because we all know what happened with the Princess Princess DVD set that I thought would be available 4-eva.  Fuck…

That’s what I believe.  And hope.  And pray…

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