Happy New Year!



In Hawaii we BLOW up stuff on New Years.  No serene temple visits: it’s BOOM!  So that’s what we did:


And so on.  The years went by and rock just died.  Still have this blog thingie that’s attached to every piece of “social networking” I got as my Home Page.  One or two posts a month JUST won’t cut it so I will TRY to get it in gear a little more often, like my old Xanga page (a project I’m afraid got a little too whiny in the middle of the last decade).

Possible topics:

— the Kikaida blog.  Yes, breakdown EVERY episode and go through full debriefing of whatever’s knockin’ in my brain.

— Daily confessional.  Chat about work, people on the bus, cranky Chinese mothers in the apartment.  Insufferable crushes made upon women totally out of my league.  More Xanga stuff, in other words.

— Baseball.  Yeah, only from time to time.  The intarwebs are well covered.

— Pop-culture musings: movies, TV, J-stuff.  It’s all beginning to fade so I better get it all out before it poofs away.

Of course it is likely NONE of this will materialize. I just wanted to ponder on something close to New Years.

Hoping yours is fun, safe, enjoyable and memorable.

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