25 Most Favorite Songs

Copied and pasted from a message board thread.  Essentially the first 25 that came to mind.

The Beatles   Please Please Me
Chiaki Naomi   Kassai
The Clash   Death Or Glory
CoCo   Naze?
The Cure   In Between Days
Downtown Boogie-Woogie Band   Kaimono Boogie
Finger 5   Kojin Jugyou
Fuji Koichi   Let’s Go, Rider Kick!
Fukuyama Masaharu   Melody
Ishikawa Rika   Rikaishite! > Onna no Ko
Iruka   Nagori Yuki
Itsuki Hiroshi   Yozora
Miura Rieko   Rakuen no Toriko
Moritaka Chisato   Futari Wa Koibito
Morning Musume   I Wish
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers   The Waiting
Princess Princess   M
R.E.M.   So. Central Rain
The Replacements   Alex Chilton
ribbon   Deep Breath
Saijo Hideki   Seishun ni Kakeyou
The Smithereens   Strangers When We Meet
Bruce Springsteen   Thunder Road
Taira Koji   Bus Stop
Tracy Ullman   They Don’t Know

Tried to keep it to one song per artist; couldn’t resist the solo nods to Miura and Charmy.

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