MLB Awards 2008

Post-season awards in MLB are still the most important in any pro sport in America.  You can look it up.

I think most of them were “correct” this year.  The Borda count point system offers flexibililty and a better consencus choice.  That is, if people take their second and third and fourth, etc. place votes seriously.  Most of the time, they don’t.

Some of the wackier selections:

Edinson Volquez of the Reds got three 2nd place votes for NL Rookie of the Year.  Nice, except HE’S NOT A ROOKIE.  Joba Chamberlain might have got jobbed for getting only one 3rd vote.

Brad Lidge got more votes for NL MVP (2) than NL Cy Young (0).  Huh?  Same for Francisco Rodriguez in the AL: Cy Young zero first, 7 2nd; MVP 1 first, 2 2nd (!), 3 3rd.  Does anyone here really think K-Rod was more valuable in 2008 than, say, A-Rod?  Or even Cliff Lee, who got only 24 points for MVP to K-Rod’s 143.

Newpaper writers have been voting on this “official” award since…  jeez, before World War I?!  And they REALLY haven’t changed all THAT much.  Thank goodness we can get alternative viewpoints from the net.

p.s. I woulda voted for Joe Mauer as AL MVP.

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