Tootsie: the scene that never was

I posted this on a Facebook group a few days ago and nobody responded…

I have this movie on VHS, laserdisc (Criterion CLV/CAV) and TWO (2) DVDs. Each video package has the ubiquitous image of Dorothy shaving in Julie’s bathroom.


This scene NEVER appears in the movie, has never been included as an outtake/deleted scene and never mentioned by director Sydney Pollack in any interview/commentary I could find. Yet I see it EVERYWHERE — I almost feel like it WAS a part of the movie (a basic Google image search coughed up four jpegs pretty quickly).

Anyone bugged by this?  I kinda am.

BTW… I wish Sony/Tri-Star would license the Pollack commentary from the Criterion/Voyager release and included it as an alternate audio choice. What a waste…


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2 Responses to Tootsie: the scene that never was

  1. Liz says:

    Yes! This bothers me so much!

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