Leroy Sievers: 1955-2008

Leroy Sievers died on Friday, 53 years young.  He had a blog called “My Cancer” on the NPR website that was a daily read for me.

I noted not that long ago that his cancer took a grave turn for the worst.  After my dad got the “terminal” news from the doctor, he was gone in a month.  Sievers died about two months after blogging that the cancer had “exploded” in him.

Interesting things, these blogs.  For so long they’ve been a symbol of the new generation gap, the battle for expression between old and new.  Or young and fuddy-duddy.  Sievers was an old-school journalist but certainly adapted to the format and tapped into something much bigger than himself.

And I suppose, in a lesser way, that’s why I type these small notes every now and then, press the “save” button and see if it makes a ripple in the world out there.  We’re all in this mess together — why not make something of it?

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