I am a dork…

I’ve had this account on Ameba (a Japanese blog site) for some time now.  I registered so I could comment on some celeb blogs, of which there are A TON OF!  A slew of my idol faves are there: Haneda Erika and Miyamae Maki from CoCo, Matsuno Arimi from ribbon, Ishiguro Aya from Morning Musume…

It’s a lot different from my mixi stomping grounds: new gimmicks, new ways of composing blog posts and of course new ways of meeting new contacts.  I actually made one hookup because I included “Hawaii” in my profile.

I also noticed that two of the three celebs above opened their profiles to essentially include buddy contacts from anyone with an account (contingent on approval).  So…  guess who has two new friends on this guy’s Ameba profile (hint: check out the avatars).

OK I’m not likely to hookup with either of them the next time they fly here to Oahu but it still…  dang, what’s a fanboy to say?

Now all I need is to hookup with Miura Rieko, Matsuyuki Yasuko and Kuninaka Ryoko.  Then I’ll get all “Densha Otoko” on yo’ ass!

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