Classic Musume rumors

I used to comb Japanese websites for any and all information about my Musume gals and pass it on, like M&Ms, on any and all message boards I could register for.  There was an Musume-themed e-groups site that was later taken over by Yahoo (I hooked up there in mid-1999).  Jpopmusic still exists and you find several hundred of my posts there.  Dang, where were blogs in those days?  Oh yeah, just been invented.

Anyway I found this gem on the KIKU-TV message board (which has been infested with pr0n spam and indifference from company officials):

Posted: 2002.09.17

Rumor of the week, taken from a Japanese website:

There seems to be a bra-stuffing contest between some of the Musume, just a week before Gomaki gets the boot from Mo-Musu.

The final standings:

3rd Place (tie): Rika, Gomaki

2nd Place: Nacchi

1st Place: Aibon

OK, this isn’t as compelling as, say, stories of Playstation abuse. But ya gotta admit: you’ll be taking a closer look at Aibon from now on…

Dang, I totally forget where I got THAT one!  Probably the same place that revealed that my gal Rika was a huge fan of the okama bars, taking some fellow H!P members with her.

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