All-Star Game 2008

So I clocked out from work at 5:00 PM.  It was the eighth inning of the baseball All-Star Game in The Bronx, New York.  I was thinking of hanging out at one of the local bars in Waikiki to catch the end but figured I might spend a little too much during “happy hour.”

Instead I went down to Shirokiya and decided to watch the remainder of the contest there.  By this time (about 5:40 PM) it was the ninth inning, and the American League had already tied the game!  A 50-ish lady was also hanging out at the HDTV setup but instead listening to the radio broadcast (probably ESPN).  Understandable since Joe Buck and Tim McCarver can get on your nerves after a while.

Unfortunately there’s usually a lag between the radio broadcast and the TV, at least two or three seconds.  And EVERY time something of consequence happened she’d blurt out the result: STRIKE-OUT! or HE CAUGHT THE BALL!  Umm, yeah thanks for spoiling things!

I didn’t get that upset because the 9th inning turned to the 10th and then 11th…  Past 7:00 PM in Hawaii meant 1:00 AM in the Big Apple.  I noticed from her reactions that she had a rooting interest for the American League.  Turned out she’s a Kansas native and a lifelong Royals fan who followed the misadventures of the KC Athletics in the fifties and sixties.  She still has a soft spot for Lou Pinella since he debuted with the Royals in ’69, winning the A.L. Rookie of the Year.

Back to the game…  Inning after inning the A.L. had the winning run in scoring position but just couldn’t get the job done.  My bones were aching from standing for damn near two hours.  Finally, a “sacrifice” fly in the 15th frame brought in the winning run and my National Leaguers lost AGAIN!


In my teens I followed more N.L. teams, thus cementing my preference for the “Senior Circuit” in the All-Star Game.  But after nearly two hours at Shirokiya, I was kinda just rooting for an actual RESULT (please, baseball has no TIES!) before the store closed at 9:00 PM!  All the extra innings sure looked great in Hi-Def, dat’s for sure!

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