Sunday Morning Musings (oops, make that afternoon…)

Sunday.  Coffee.  The ultimate experience in relaxation.

ESPN Sportscenter.  Mets squeak by the Yanks.  And Spain seems to have won an important soccer game.  Good.  For.  Them.

A boatload of George Carlin torrents sparkle on my monitor.  Did he ever rant about the Internet.  Jerry Seinfeld said Carlin used four computers to store and manage all his material.  I wonder if one of them was used for “fun stuff?”

A high-school friend is visting this week.  A short respite from his 24/7 work life to relax, catch up on surfing, and gather up snapshots for his Flickr site, which has been mostly neglected for the last few months.  We’ll hit our favorite yakitori restaurant this Wednesday.

Thursday: another epic (aren’t they all) karaoke party at Toma with the work crew.  I’m not sure what the theme is but hopefully my friend can make it to this event as well so I can show off to him all the KEWL J-pop karaoke tunes I can belt.

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