IRON MAN: loved it. Great movie for someone like me who was never into comics.

Downey and Paltrow… there’s a matchup I never expected. Good thing cause I think you need good acting talent to recite other-worldly dialogue that has no context in our reality (see: Liam Neeson in “The Phantom Menace”).

Story is engaging, pacing is good. I never ONCE checked my watch during the movie (a VERY important factor — even Roger Ebert mentioned doing this during certain boring films). I also wasn’t thrown off by the SFX, unlike “Indy 4” and all the “Spider-Man” movies. Too often this tears me away from the story and suddenly I’m back in a darkened room with air conditioning and the smell of processed butter.

At least three-and-a-half stars from me.

p.s. I DID check my watch during the endless parade of trailers, mostly for movies that were already in theaters NOW. I almost forgot that “Iron Man” was released last month.

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