GS Studio: rant on!

I was at GS Studio a couple Tuesdays ago and the guy showed us the new English system they got there, just like at Toma!  And a English songbook, at GS!  Why the hell would I be singing English songs at GS Studio?!!  I might as well go back to Kiki’s with da localz and get my Jawaiian on.

Thankfully none of the group I was with chose that option.  I still wish some of the Lavca music tracks didn’t sound so MIDI-like, so synthesized.  I think the system at Toma (DAM) is superior in that respect: sounds like real instruments being played instead of a complex ringtone.

Of course I think BOTH places would benefit from having more PVs featured.  That way the indifferent loco-mocos (i.e. people who don’t sing J-pop) would have something to LOOK AT while I’m singing my Chemistry, Arashi or V6.  This is crucial stuff.  One time at Toma, this gal punched in “The Peace!” by my beloved Musume but NONE of us would’ve gotten up to boogie if the actual PV hadn’t appeared on the big-screen monitor.  Funniest shit ever.

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