Varsity Theater demolished

My friend came across the destruction of Varsity Theater and snapped a few photos.  I was in Japan last week and had NO idea that the time bomb was even ticking.

This was the last real movie house in town, showing primarily foreign cinema in the multiplex theater era.  It also was the home of Hawaii’s longest-running film festival (I met Edward James Olmos there in ’84 or ’85) at a time when movies were a dominant force in my life.  This was a place where I saw big-time Hollywood films (“Romancing The Stone,” “Dirty Dancing”) and the recent “arty-farty” stuff that my co-workers associated me with (too many to mention — the likes of “Crumb” and “Ghost World”).

Movies are often used as a social tool in Hawaii.  Can’t think of anything to do tonight, there’s always a movie.  Except why go to a duplex when the monstrosity at the mall offers a couple dozen.  Parking’s free, too.  Varsity Theater was doomed as the millennium rolled over, along with hundreds of memories.

Didja know Varsity showed the “Kikaida” 3-D movie in ’87?  Oh, yes it DID.

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