Birthday dinner at Ruth’s Chris (Restaurant Row) with The Family last night, including the Mainlanders.  One had fish, the rest had EVIL RED MEAT:  Moooo!  Baaa-aahhh!!  Also healthy portions of creamed spinach and different kinda potatoes but I don’t know what sounds they make.

The place was also COMPLETELY FULL last night.  I mean, as in “sold out.”  On a Wednesday.  I’m told that eating meat contributes to the global warming problems cause it takes plenny resources to care for the land that cows graze on, etc.  Clearly a lot of people just DON’T GIVE A SHIT about that. 

I also chose a red meat joint because next week it’s ALL washoku, BABY!  Japan, here we come!  Tokyo – Kyoto – Osaka, March 16-23.

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