A Summer Proposal


I began recording episodes of this ancient J-drama to the DVD recorder.  My VHS copies from 1996 still play without nary a tracking problem (in EP speed, no less).  Must be because of higher tape quality.

Anyway it’s been YEARS since I bothered watching this show and there are so many things that stood out from a galaxy far, far away.

— Theme songs: GLAY at their artistic peak and “dos” yet another manifestation of Komuro glut

— That dos song is one of two songs I nominate as “Worst Drama Theme Song of ALL TIME.”  I STILL muted the song when the closing credits rolled…

— The internet being shown as a new technology

— Only one person (a salaryman) with a cellphone

— Hosaka and Nakamura smoking like factory smokestacks, 24/7.

— That AWFUL ratbite haircut given to Sakai Maki

— Nogiwa Yoko in one of a hundred drama roles playing the overbearing mother

I tried looking for some choice pictures from this drama but Yahoo Japan wasn’t able to find anything relevant.  However, I was able to find Inamori Izumi’s “official” MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/izumi_inamori

I think I’ll try add her on as a friend.  I already snagged Ito Yuna AND Ulfuls!

Other relevant links:


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