Hello! Project faves

Profile posted at JPH!P message board earlier this year. 

Just so you know…

Name/AKA: Saburo/greggu/Tanikaze/Hornet
Age: older than you
Birthdate: March 12
Location: Hawaii, USA.
Gender: Guy
Bloodtype: TBA
Favorite Morning Musume Member: Aichan
Favorite Generation: 4th, but 5th close behind
Favorite Hello! Project Member: Charmy
Favorite Graduated Hello! Project or Morning Musume Member: Charmy
Favorite Hello! Project Group/Subgroup[ please specify generation]: Tanpopo, the Ayappe years
Absolute Favorite Hello! Project Song [ONE ONLY]: Rikaishite! Onnanoko
Absolute Favorite Morning Musume Song [ONE ONLY]: I WISH
Absolute Favorite Hello! Project Album [ONE ONLY]: Second Morning
Turn-Ons: Boobies, pale ales, power pop
Turn-Offs: Arrogance, know-it-alls, greed
Favorite Music Genre: 70s & 90s J-pop, 80s & 90s alternative
Favorite TV Show/Movie: Tootsie, Star Wars, Seven Samurai, Real Time with Bill Maher
Favorite Entertainer: Bill Maher, without question
Favorite Geek Item: my old laserdisc player (Pioneer CLD-D702) or my Krups Coffee Time Plus
Absolute Favorite Color: black or dark blue…  I really don’t care
Absolute Favorite Food: miso ramen

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