Monday morning baseball report

Good weekend for baseball, although all these series sweeps kinda deflate my enthusiasm.  I don’t have a specific rooting interest in any one team so I want to see more baseball action, not less.

I don’t do fantasy but the Fantasy 411 podcast on is pretty good cause they talk with the best in the business, Will Carroll and Joe Sheehan from Baseball Prospectus.  There’s nothing like listening to articulate fans shooting the breeze.

Caught Manny’s game-ending shot over the Green Monster on Sportscenter late Friday night…  is there anyone else in the history of baseball who could showboat at the plate like that and not get nailed with a flurry of beanballs thereafter?  Reggie, maybe?  Also noteworthy is that it was hit off of K-Rod, who gets pretty animated himself on the mound (people on Yankee-related message boards pointed this out).

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