Any of y’all heard of SKYPE?  Of COURSE you have! It’s a free program that allows real-time voice chat with anyone with the same program. All you need is a microphone plugged in. Works pretty good: sound quality is clear and the time delay is minimal. Who needs phone?

I got a cheep mic so I could talk to an old flame in Japan online, which hasn’t happened very often and just as well. I have the program loaded up along with my regular chat programs and I have it so that anyone can contact me.

Anyway I guess this is the next step up from random instant messaging/chats: random phone calls! I got one of those tonight from some college student in China who wanted to practice her English. What better way to obtain the finer points than to talk turkey with an American needle in a haystack, hoping that the hick accent isn’t too convoluted.

Well I was a good sport tonight, despite not having caught up with all my e-mail correspondence and postwhoring to my regular boards (including THIS one). She’s 22, lives on her own in the dorm, doesn’t party much, is single… wow one of a zillion single Chinese gals!

Could make fun of all of this but she wasn’t all that bad. Her English was lucid enuff for my purposes and I made sure I spoke to her in my crystal-clear Wonder Bread white voice cause nothing is better understood over a voice line than someone who sounds like Tom Brokaw.

And yes, I asked for and received a jpeg.  No, I can’t pronounce her name either.

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