"Kamen Rider The First"


I watched Kamen Rider The First for the second time yesterday and I gotta say, I think it’s even worse than I realized the first time.  The fight scenes are good and the motorcycle stunts are engaging.  But the drama is still sappy and drags things down.  And the insipid side tale of the WaT dude and his girly girlfriend does a disservice to the Kamen Rider legacy.  I thought Wentz’s whining was bad but the love triangle between the Riders and Brand X is equally so.

Some other thoughts (spoilers):

— What happened to Ichimonji’s blood rejections?  Did he just take longer than Hongo did to revert back to normalcy?
— I thought kaizoningens can’t cavort with humans so why does Hongo still think he has a chance with the intrepid reporter?
— So is Ichimonji the same guy as the reporter’s fiancee?  Did he get reborn with a new name as well as becoming a “Hopper”?
— Are there two more unlikely and unrealistic Shocker members than Eiji Wentz and the girly girl?  And how come THEY didn’t blow up after getting Rider-kicked?  Come on!
— Does anyone REALLY think Issa of Da Pump could/would be a top officer in the Shocker hierarchy, even if he could pull off the butterfly twist?  And who’s the chick on the Shocker video screen?  Looks like Becky…


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