Karaoke is my life!

My karaoke tunes from this past Wednesday at GS Studio, Waikiki, USA:

Seishun Amigo — my friend wanted to sing it, again
Sekaijuu no Dareyori Kitto — another duet, although it seemed like I sang over 80 percent of the song
Kassai — ditto above.
You Go Your Way — had the Chemistry PV
Bus Stop — early 70s “enka” standard by Taira Koji
Onna ni Sachie Are — you all know this one…
Hakaida no Uta — 70s J-hero era tune
Choo Choo Train — had the Exile PV
Chigireta Ai — VERY cheesy 70s J-pop by Saijo Hideki, sung like a William Shatner oratory
Hana to Mitsuboshi — teenage Go Hiromi standard, sung like I had a stuck nose
Aruiteru — the song by Musume and Company that’s STILL reviled by hundreds of English-speaking bloggers
“S”ENSATIONAL WIND — a song by ribbon, one of my official five J-pop religions


About Saburo

愛の戦士 Karaoke is my life.
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