Infernal Affairs


Infernal Affairs (2002)
Tony Leung, Andy Mau, Anthony Wong, Eric Tsang
Dir. Andrew Lau and Alan Mak

Finally got around to watching this last night, after leeching it months ago.  I’m not an aficionado of HK cinema but it was good to see faces I actually recognized (from old John Woo movies).  There’s a lucid nature to movies from Hong Kong that I always forget about and always grateful for.  There’s a bunch of characters here and I’m always afraid that I’ll need a scorecard to keep track of all the machinations.

No real breakthroughs or revelations for me here,  just solid entertainment.  I have no real desire to experience the entire trilogy which, like most movies, doesn’t require one.  Oh, and the psychologist is a BABE!  [insert male babbling here]

Everyone else has seen the movie and I’m only now catching up.

*** (out of ****).

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