NFL sucks, viva MLB!

Allow me to link and quote out of context from one of my fave sites, Baseball Toaster.

Mark Donohue live-blogged Thursday’s amateur MLB draft, beginning with these great words:

But allow me to point out another great thing about the draft: For a few hours I get to feel like baseball is still America’s favorite sport. It is incredibly aggravating to me the way that 60-70% or more of broadcast sports talk is about the NFL or college football.

(emphasis mine)

Mike Carminati echos the same thing in a recent post:

Meanwhile, whenever I turn on ESPN I get football updates even though the Super Bowl was four months ago and the regular season will not start for another three. Baseball highlights are fewer and farther in between all the time, and my kids never get to see the sport since it doesn’t come on until after they go to sleep.

I’m not a fan of the NFL and it drives me batshit having to endure NFL/college football stuff all over: on Sportscenter, from co-workers, via casual conversation with almost everyone.  On the other hand, there is hardly any reciprocation in terms of MY personal agenda and interests.  Do you think the average sports radio “talk” show will have a debate on NFL coaches interjected by a reference to some baseball player?  Hell, no!  Yet some of my most cherished (because they are far and few between) baseball podcasts have had these FOOTBALL writers on as guests, possibly because I haven’t the slightest interest in “Tee-OH’s” big fucking toe.

I’m just glad I’m not alone.  It’s spooky to hear the echo of your own voice in the wilderness.

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