"The Sports Guy" podcast

Y’all know I’m into the podcasts and all…


Ever heard of Bill Simmons?  He’s the “Sports Guy” on ESPN-dot-com and has a blog that is a VERY big deal.  He actually re-upped with the “worldwide leader” after some speculation that he’d bail for SI.  He also published a book about his beloved Red Sox winning the Series in ’04 that I’m thinking of getting now that the paperback is in bookstores.

Anyway he’s joined the world of podcasting and I didn’t sample his stuff cause writers generally don’t make good broadcasters (i.e. speakers).  Also I didn’t really go for his show topics (i.e. not about baseball).  The latest one, however, had Marv Albert on the bill and I haven’t heard him since I was channel surfing and came across an NBA playoff game on TNT.

http://espnradio.espn.go.com/espnradio/clipArchive?showID=bsreport&page=19 (it’s labeled: Sports Guy: 6/5)

It’s just Simmons and Albert having a chat and it’s quite good.  Simmons sounds like how I would imagine Archie Andrews would be on a talk show.  Simmons seems like he has an encyclopedic mind on all sports and took everything that Albert said with little effort and dead air.


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