H!P Scandals 2007

Capsule thoughts on a freaky Friday…

Aibon.  She’s been gone so long, a permanent vacation won’t hurt.  The notion of a nekkid book is surreal but perhaps not totally out of line (YES, I’d download it and perhaps even entertain notions of buying the real thing).  Her boytoy is goofs.

Nono.  She SURE looked happy at the press conference with Ultraman Pretty Boy; I’ve only seen her more gleeful when discussing “Hachi-dan ice.”  She’ll be missed on H!P TV programs.  It’s unfortunate that she won’t be releasing more CD singles.  I kind of enjoyed the fact that she was on the way to releasing more music than Iida and Yasuda.

Mikitty.  “I miss solo Mikitty” is my signature spam message in the JPH!P IRC room (the other being “Rika is God”) but I’m not sure she should have used a buff comedian to get back to where she once belonged.  I never really took seriously the mantle of “Musume Leader” anyway.  The most relevant leader was and always will be Nakazawa.  (The one who probably cherished it the most was probably Iida but that’s another commentary.)  The sting from this departure is mercifully lessened for me due to the RERUN aspect; I was in Matsumoto when the Marippe madness broke, so many incidents ago.

So Aichan is the new captain of the “mother ship” (does anyone still use/remember that Tsunku term?) and Gakisan is the first officer.  May they grow old and happy and full of Futarigoto conversations that uncover truth and happiness.

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